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"Dr. Juste saved my smile."

Before Juste, I was skeptical of dentists.

But I had over a dozen cavities and needed emergency care. One tooth had gotten so bad, it was rotted down to the root. Everytime I bit down on that side of my mouth I was in excruciating pain. My years of not trusting dentists had finally caught up to me.

Then, I was dropped off at Dr. Juste’s door. That’s when everything changed (for the better).
I have never met someone so passionate about their profession and so skilled as a dentist before. You can tell she doesn’t just do dentistry because it’s a job…she does it because it’s her passion in life.

It is still a work in progress, but without Dr. Juste, my teeth would be extremely poor given someone my age. Now, I have no problem going to my check ups twice every year.

I am much more comfortable getting procedures knowing I am in good hands with Dr. Juste. She is fair and knowledgeable (bonus points: she is fun to talk to and hang out with). She is always detail-oriented and clean.

She truly saved my smile!

Let Us Keep Your Smile Bright!

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